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Is YOUR Plasma TV At Risk of a SUDDEN ‘Heart Attack’ That Could Make It Completely useless & End Up Costing You THOUSANDS Of Dollars Out Of Pocket – AND NO TV…? Many plasma TVs have a ‘genetic flaw’ which comprises their ability to work at altitudes above 6,000 feet!

A recent survey of 2000 Britons suggests that 47 percent of guys and over a third of women would give up sex for six months in return for a 50-inch plasma TV!

What’s the fuss all about?

High Definition plasma TVs bring Football, movies and your favourite shows right into your room. It feels as if you were part of the action! And it looks great hanging on a wall without any visible wires.

But plasma TVs, the new state-of-the-art way to enjoy television viewing, have a serious flaw that could ruin your viewing experience and that of thousands of people who live in high altitudes.

That's right, many plasma TVs have a ‘genetic defect’ which comprises their ability to work at altitudes above 6,000 feet.

If you’re about to dish out thousands of dollars for new plasma TV, you should first check whether your current lifestyle will get along with the TV.

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Not all plasma TVs are created equal…

Plasma flat screen technology consists of hundreds of thousands of individual pixel cells, which allow electric pulses (stemming from electrodes) to excite rare natural gases-usually xenon and neon-causing them to glow and produce light. This light illuminates the proper balance of red, green, or blue phosphors contained in each cell to display the proper colour sequence from the light.

Put simply, plasma TVs contain hundreds of thousands of tiny, gas-filled chambers which work together to form a picture.

But if you live in higher altitudes, the steady pressure in the chambers and the lower air pressure create a buzzing sound. Buzzing noises are usually caused by altitude pressure on the pixel pockets containing gas plasma. While this sound is annoying enough by itself, it also means that your plasma TV will wear out faster affecting the picture quality and your viewing experience.

Because the unit will have to work harder due to air pressure differences, the lifespan of plasma TVs can be seriously cut short. Not something you want to cope especially after plunking down three thousand dollars or more for a new unit!

That’s why you must make sure the TV is ‘armed’ to operate in your area. This little information could save your thousands of dollars and much frustration on your next plasma TV expenditure!

The TV that will ‘get along’ with your lifestyle…

If you’re living in high altitude areas and are a big screen TV connoisseur, you need to make sure your plasma TV is built for "higher altitudes." As of this writing, the higher altitude plasma TVs can survive at altitude levels of 7500 feet to 9180 feet.

One way to test plasma TVs is to visit a store in your area that is at the same altitude level as your house. If you hear a buzzing sound coming out of their display televisions, then simply move on to the next unit. If you’re living at 9000 feet or less, then you should definitely check the NEC model range as those TVs are especially built for high altitude areas.

And if you’re living above 9200 feet and you will probably have to wait until technological improvements expand the reach of plasma TVs to greater heights.

Truly, owning a plasma TV gives a live experience like no other. If you are at high altitude however, please make sure you are purchasing the right plasma panel.

Stay with the LCD unit if your situation cannot be remedied, otherwise plasma TVs will have a short lifespan in your home.

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