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32-Inch Television

The height of absurdity is living in a tiny room and seeing 32-inch television. I have seen the people for whom television is the center of their lives. In such people's homes, you will see a huge television with surround speakers that take over the entire living area. It is important to think as about having the right TV size for the size of the room in which it will be viewed. Viewing is more comfortable if the TV fits the room. A TV that is the right size for the room makes viewing more comfortable for the viewer's head and neck, as well as being more comfortable for the eyes. First, families gathered around the fireplace at the end of the day to share information, warmth and light. Then family members gather around the radio in the evening for entertainment and information. Now, for better or worse, the TV is what attracts people in a home together. Personally, I would like to have a big, flat screen set with the latest state of the art HD quality and all the digital recording gizmos. But I will get this only if I have room for it. What is the point of having a huge TV with no room for furniture or for the people who are watching the set? Nothing can be greater than watching sports events and movies on a gigantic screen. Considering recent trends in the availability of excellent equipment and improving economic opportunities, everyone may soon have a mini cinema in their home. Home theatre is very popular these days, especially since many people will need new digital televisions by 2009 in order to view TV at all. Buying a new 32-inch television is just the tip of the iceberg for home theatres.

At present, large screens are all the rage in TV viewing. It seems that every year the TV screens available just get larger and larger. Earlier, buying the big screens was not worth it because of their low resolution and consequently, poor TV picture. But present hi-tech television sets have very high resolution and have excellent clarity, making a large screen TV worth the investment.

In terms of technological development my family is usually about five years behind the time. For this reason, we haven't yet even purchased a wide screen. Our present TV is not only mere 22-inch but there is an annoying gap at the top and the bottom of the picture. All the DVDs sold these days are only available in wide screen format. This makes our small screen, 22 inch TV obsolete in many ways. In fact, what I would like even more than a 32-inch television is a screen that fits into the wall. It is interesting to note that the futuristic films of the 1960s and 1970s predicted that people would all own big, wall screens televisions that resembled movie theatre screens. And that futuristic vision of days gone by is coming true today. Large screens are becoming the norm rather than the exception to the rule.

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For me, all the techno babble aspects of buying a new 32-inch TV are very confusing. New terms for TVs and their features are exploding onto the TV sales scene. Unless you actively keep up with the new TV technical jargon and terms, it's easy for a person to get lost in a jungle of incomprehensible TV techno blab. Actually I'm not technologically minded. If you are trying to explain the features of even the most basic features of new TV technology, you will have to explain the technology to me as if you were talking to a seven-year-old. In fact, some seven-year-olds may understand more about new TV technology than I do. As for setting the time recorder on the DVD player, Also, I usually manage to figure out how to set the time recorder on the DVD player after a period of trial and error, even with a good instruction manual. Unfortunately, I usually end up recording lots of programs I didn't want to watch. Or I might not manage to get a program recorded at all. My family will surely buy 32-inch television eventually. There is no way for a person to have the newest TV technology at all times. A little research on new TV features available will help make some decisions when my family decides to buy a new TV. And it looks like we will definitely need to buy a TV with at least a 32-inch screen to get the best picture available for movies and other viewing technology. And by 2009, we will need a new TV for digital viewing, anyway. So I suppose I had better make up my mind about the features I'd like, and find a centralized spot to put our new 32-inch TV.

Truly speaking, my desire is to get the best TV I can for my family. And while I'm looking, I might as well have at least a 32-inch screen for great TV picture viewing. We plan to keep our new TV set in our living room, so it will be in a central location for the entire family. I want our new TV and entertainment center to serve all our entertainment and information needs. I have already planned to build one big box around the central 32-inch television, to house the television and all the accessories we might like. And you know what the home entertainment center I build will contain? Well, my home made, custom built home entertainment center will have computer, DVD player, Internet access, game consoles, telephone, fax system, coffee maker and all other latest home theatre gizmos. I'm sure with all of these fantastic features, our home entertainment unit containing a 32 inch TV screen will make us the technologically up to date family we have wanted to be. With these features we will not only catch up with times, but also we will go ahead of the technological game, for a while at least. God bless us.