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My 42" plasma TV has definitely been worth every penny I paid for it. I use my 42" plasma TV to watch a wide variety of television programs. I watch everything from football games, live war coverage on CNN, the 6 o'clock news, to all my favourite shows on TV. The big screen with its high definition puts me right in the middle of the action. It makes me feel as though I am there, in the midst of the program. I may be calling plays on the field alongside the coach, shooting missiles at the enemy, or laying in bed with a sexy soap opera star. I can have this engrossing experience any day of the week and all because I'm watching TV on my 42" plasma screen. I can visit exotic locations and watch theatre-quality movies without ever leaving my couch. Before my 42" plasma TV, I had a standard 17" screen. I never knew what I was missing with the smaller screen until I started watching my 42" plasma screen. I thought I was getting great picture quality and was seeing every detail of the programs I was watching while watching that old 17-inch TV. Boy was I wrong! Now I can see the great picture a large screen TV has to offer.

In my opinion, the best feature that came with my 42" plasma screen TV is the surround sound. The speakers of my surround sound TV put me in the center of the action Surround sound has 360º sound, enhancing the sound on the screen and making my viewing experience seem larger than life. My 16-year-old son, who is hard to impress, calls the excellent sound "more real than real." I can't help but to agree with his personal review of our TV's surround sound performance. With the massive, high resolution, 42" plasma screen picture and the beautiful stereophonic sound, I don't even really need to leave the house to have fun any more. I can sit around all day watching my 42" plasma TV, and never get bored or see the same television show twice. Of course, the wife still likes to go out around town on a date. So every Friday night, we go out for dinner, bowling, play miniature golf or do some other activity to get out of the house. These activities are a nice change, and give us a chance to talk and spend time together. However, if we want to watch a movie, we head for home and the 42" plasma screen with surround sound. The movie theatre might be okay, but the TV in our personal home entertainment system is much more private and cozy. We can have any snacks we like without paying the exorbitant prices for popcorn at movie theatres. We have a great picture, excellent surround sound, the movie of our choice, and privacy for cuddling.

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On the other hand, I have a 42-inch TV that is large enough for lots of people to view. When the big game is on TV, I can have lots of friends over to enjoy the detailed picture. We can critique the referees, because we don't miss a play. The surround sound will give us all the feeling of being at the game, instead of just watching it on TV. And having friends over to watch adds to the fun of watching the game. While a person could isolate at home with a home entertainment system, sharing my 42-inch screen with friends keeps me from being a lonely couch potato.

When shopping for a 42-inch plasma TV, be sure to look for a few important features. Because digital TV will be the only way to get television at all by February on 2009, be sure to buy a TV with digital capabilities. HDTV is the only way to go, and will be necessary in the near future. You can also buy a TV with high resolution for the best picture available today. The higher the resolution, the better, sharper, and clearer the picture your TV will produce. Also, be sure your TV has an excellent surround sound system. If you've spent the money for a spectacular picture, you might as well have great sound to match. Be sure you have some place in mind to put your large screen TV, as well. While the old 17-inch TV probably fit almost anywhere in the house, placing a TV with a screen as large as 42 inches will take a little more thought. Be sure you put the TV in a spot where it can be watched conveniently by the whole family. One family I know mounted their 42-inch TV over the fireplace, instead of putting a piece of art over the mantle. Since fireplaces are strategically located to be enjoyed by the whole family, mounting your 42-inch TV over the fireplace may be the perfect place for your TV to be placed.

The first consideration when buy a TV like this is usually price. 42" plasma TV can cost thousands of dollars, though prices have been coming down in the last year or so due to competition between TV manufacturers. Do some research, shop around, and get the TV with the most features for the best price. Another thing you should look for is quality, obviously, as with all things. Will your TV last 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? There is nothing like research to answer the important questions when buying a television set. The best way to answer all of these questions is to look at consumer reviews, or perhaps read consumer reports. My wife swears by consumer reports, and she hasn't made a bad major purchase in years. Know what you want to buy. Check the literature and read consumer reports. Look on the Internet, read up on the features of TVs in your price range. Look for reports and recommendations that indicate quality and performance. Check out what's available at your local home entertainment dealer, so you can see the TV's performance in person, and for yourself. You want your 42" plasma TV to give you a great picture for years and years to come.