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The search is on; you are looking for the best deals on plasma televisions and have no clue where to start your search. You could try searching online, but where do you go if you don’t know anything about plasmas? What about the brands? Many consumers go for the name brand items simply because those are the brands you hear the most about, but there are budget or generic brands that can be just as good as the name brands.

Many online resources will compare the televisions for you, giving you the best prices, the best brands and the best stores to buy a plasma television. Reading the reviews will help you make a better informed decision on whether you should go for the name brand plasma television that cost more but offers more perks or the budget brand that has an ok performance but a better and lower price over-all.

Brand Name Plasma Television Manufacturers

According to top Internet electronic resources and reviewers, many believe that Panasonic and Samsung remain at the top of the plasma television production game. The main reasons are the overall quality of the picture and the price. These two factors are why Panasonic and Samsung are considered to be the best of the best.

Panasonic offers a 42-inch television that runs around 1,000 dollars, which is a fabulous price compared to the huge price tag that plasmas had when they first burst onto the scene in the late 1990’s. Panasonic also rated higher in the resolution department, touting the best black levels that were tested at that price range. Another perk is the pixel orbiter that their televisions contain. Pixel orbiters are a newer technology put into place to deter burn-in from developing. Burn-in happens when an image that has been static on the screen literally burns in to the screen leaving a ghostly image that does not go away. Research has made it possible for manufacturers to now include these pixel orbiters in their televisions so burn-in does not occur as frequently as it did when plasma televisions first came out.

Online stores such as, and all include the Panasonic plasma television as one of the best plasma you can buy in their online reviews. Another reason they are so popular other than price, is the new anti-reflective display they have implemented this year. Past reviews stated that consumers were unhappy with the glare that seemed to plague their Panasonic sets, and Panasonic listened and complied. Having that connection with their consumer base and seemingly listening to the complaints has also helped Panasonic stay at the top of their game.

Samsung, another leading manufacturer, has emerged as one of the best plasma television picks this year due to their outstanding color performance, noise reduction and more user controls then in previous years. Reviews from consumers have sky-rocketed due to it’s new 58 inch plasma screen television that runs in price around 2,700 dollars. Inherent connection, better color presentation and the physical look of the television have consumers looking to Samsung as the better performing and better looking pick. Samsung remains at least the number two top plasma television retailer.

Budget Plasma Televisions

Many manufacturers are aware that consumers may not be able to afford the top of the line models that are making the top review sites, so they have come up with budget friendly models. Accommodating all of their consumers by offering these budget friendly models shows that manufacturers are indeed listening to what the consumer wants.

Visio is just one brand that has risen from the trenches to offer great picture quality, while sticking with a smaller screen size of 32 inches. The price for this brand is around 550 dollars, almost half of what top name brands cost. Wal-Mart offers this brand and has reported a huge increase in consumers going for this brand over the higher-end name brands and this is mainly due to the cheaper pricing more than anything else.

Best Buy also offers a budget line of plasma televisions called Insignia. Reviews on have most consumers raving about this budget brand and basically being happy about a lower costing television that won’t break the bank.

As with any budget brand, you may run the risk of lower performance and quality, so it is just as important to check out these budget brands online so see what other consumers are writing about them before pouncing on that lower price. Again, just because you are getting a huge deal on the television in price, it doesn’t mean the quality will be good. The old adage "you get what you paid for" comes to mind here, so be careful.

Finding the best deal can be achieved with a little hard work, if you want to stay with top of the line brands, stick with Panasonic and Samsung models but if you want a good quality cheaper plasma, check out the budget or generic brands. Most of the big electronic stores have these budget brands, but unless you ask about them, they are more likely to steer you toward higher costing name brands.