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Install Your Plasma TV

A plasma television is a major purchase and many people get caught up in the buying process and forget about how and where they are going to install their new purchase. Plasma televisions can be quite expensive, so you need to be careful about the installation.

To install or not install

Most stores have an installation service where they will do the installation for you but that can be quite expensive and there could be hidden charges incurred for the service. Also, just because a store offers this service, does not mean that the people who perform the installation are indeed professional, for all you know they could be the stock boys they decided to send out to do the job. Beware if you go this route, make sure they have the proper credentials to properly install your television and get a service contract in writing to insure you are covered if they damage your television.

You could try installing the plasma television yourself, seems likes a daunting task to take on, but it can be done. You will save yourself a lot of money and just think of how proud you will be when having your friends and family come over to check out the big game on a plasma television that you installed.

Where to Install Your Plasma TV

Now it’s time to decide where you should install your plasma television. You need to take several things into consideration before you do this though. First, you need to decide which room you want the television to be in, take into mind how much light comes into the room you have chosen. A room that is very prone to direct sunlight is probably not the best place for your installation due to the amount of light that will reflect on the television screen. Avoid placing your new purchase in front of large windows or doors, especially if you do not have thick curtains in the windows. Choose an area that doesn’t have too much light and make this the viewing area, place your couch or theater seating along the area of where the light shines through and then place your television on the opposite wall. Once you have made the light decision, be sure that there is an outlet available to you so that you won’t have to run cords across the room.

Another important question you might have when installing your plasma television is whether you should install it on the wall or on a television stand. Take into account the space you have selected for the television and make sure you have enough space for whichever method of installation you have chosen. You will need to have at least twice the screen width in space to allow for the speakers. Also be aware of the distance from your television to your viewers, you don’t want to be right on top of the television or too far away that you have to squint to see the television.

If you have chosen a wall mountable plasma television, you will need to determine the correct height. You will need to practice setting the height so that you won’t be watching the television at an awkward position. Try placing a piece of cardboard cut to the size of your real television and place it with tape on the wall where you might like the television mounted. Sit on the couch or chair where you will be viewing the television and see if that reaches your expectations and if it will result in an enjoyable viewing experience. Typically, to prevent eyestrain or neck pain, you should be able to see the television in plain eye view when seated and not have to shift your neck and head up or down to see the television.

Once the television is installed on the wall, you now have to do something about all of the wires that are hanging from the television. The best way to solve this eyesore is to run the cables and wires through the wall. If you have drywall, you will need to cut a few holes behind the television then run the wires through the wall and cut out the holes where you would like the wires to come out. If you have paneling the same thing can be accomplished by cutting into the panel. Brick walls are more intense of a project and it would be a smart idea to contract a professional to do this for you unless you have experience in doing this type of work.

If you are going to try a floor stand, you will need to take into consideration the same placement properties you have with the wall mount. There are many sleek and modern designs for floor stands and a benefit with most is they already have a built in column to hide all of the wires. This option requires reading the instructions, placing the stand in the correct space of the room and enlisting a friend to help you place the television on the stand.

Once you have your new plasma television installed, sit back with family and friends and enjoy the viewing experience that a plasma television provides.